Annual Art Award of Three Continents


SAFPEM Institute has introduced its artists as the selected artists of Asia, Africa, and Europe in their related platforms every year since 2020. These platforms are the institute's formal website and all links to the institute's virtual pages and mailing list. The presented award includes permanent membership of Middle East Institute in Europe and introduction and submission of the selected works including their professional packages to galleries (more than 1000 well known Art galleries of world), collectors and directors of contemporary art, specified art and cultural societies interacting with the institute.

The selected artists and their works will be permanently introduced to world for at least 5 years and therefore these artists will be introduced in a broader level and can find professional paths and their specified audience. Also, these artists can enjoy direct consultation with directors and groups relating to the institute for carrying out their projects.

These artists are selected based on their quality in art scenes, their interaction and cultural influence in local level, and macro policy of the institute concerning an effective and pervasive reference for introduction of different geographical areas. All selected artists will receive their formal letter of appreciation from Middle East Art Institute in Europe.  

This award is given to the artists aged under 40 and carrying out activities related to contemporary arts and modern trends of global art. This event is held on February every year and the related results including the above-mentioned packages are sent to the above-mentioned groups from the end of the same year's spring.

All artists of Asia, Africa, and Europe can attend this event and all artists aged under 40 can introduce and submit their works to the project secretariat.


The deadline for submission of the artists' dossier is between September 1 and September 30 every year.

The works can be sent via resume and statement of the artists (written in English) and 15 images at the maximum (via Pdf files or links of videos of the works introduction sent to electronic address written in formal website of the institute: safpeminstitute@gmail.com).

The holding board of this event attempts to negotiate appropriate cash prizes for the selected artists of all three continents as supportive packages equally allocated to projects of these artists.

Managing Board

SAFPEM Institute

FMICA Organizers Association in France

COLLECT Complex in Middle East

WE LOVE Associations in North Africa

Xuan Wang - 2021 Winner

Born in China in 1981, she graduated in Chinese literature in 2003 from the Chinese Language and Culture University of Beijing. At the same University she obtained the Master in Didactics in 2006. She currently works as Teaching Director at the Confucius Institute in Beijing.

From 2011 to 2016 she won 4 Best Awards from Beijing Language and Culture University Press: editor, quality editor, planning editor and assistant director.
In 2015, she won the Beijing Language and Culture University Press’s Best Propaganda Copywriting Award.


From 2016 to 2017 she worked as head of the project team of "China Micro Lens" and "Standard Chinese Conversation 360 Sentences" which won the Best Project Development Award of the Beijing Language and Culture University Press.

In 2017 she wrote the thesis "Preliminary Exploration of the Development Model of Experiential and Open Chinese Audiovisual Texts Based on Internet Media" and won the Outstanding Paper Award of the China University Press Association Paper Selection Activity, and was selected in "Cultural Responsibility of Editors in the New Era".


In 2020 she participated in the filming of the documentary "Lop Nor" as a literary consultant and screenwriter, and won the "Best Screenplay Award" of the Asian Film Association.
In 2020 she won the "Best Editor" award of the United Nations World Federation of Literary and Art Circles.

Xuan Wang 2021 Doc

Due to critical look of Amir Mojtahedzadeh at complicated socio-cultural issues of his country and special geography of Middle East and his social comedy, the annual collection of SAFPEM selected him. His work mentions not only to his local geography but also to more general details of cross-border issues and therefore it is very significant in contemporary art world. On the other hand, precision and quality of his production promotes visual details of his combined sculptures.