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Introduction of

Middle East and Europe

Cooperation Projects

This project focuses on production and release of video-art works and short films of Iran and Europe artists. Visual productions of the group are also presented by the name of Inter-Act, including introduction of joint productions of holding members. With respect to objectives determined and facilities predicted in the joint sessions of the project board of directors, at least one stage of selected production of Iran and Europe artists' works shall occur in the group.

Executive interim representatives of Inter-Act in Middle East and Europe are Cultural Publishing Institution (BAAM), Thorez Company managed by Dr. Selvam Thorez and French-Canadian Institute of SAFPEM-FMICA Organizers.

hamed sahihi.jpeg
Hamed SAHIHI - Artist

Born in 1980, Tehran
2005, M.A. in Painting, Art University, Tehran, Iran
2003, B.A. in Painting, Tehran University Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran, Iran

hamed soltani.jpg
Hamed SOLTANI - Artist

Mehrazan e Shahryad Engineering Consultant


Tehran Berkeley Group of Companies


Iran University of Science and Technology

behnam kamrani.jpg
Artist - IRAN

2009 Doctor of Art / Tehran University of Art
Master’s Degree in Painting / Tehran University of Art
1994 Painting Bachelor / Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran
Faculty member of Tehran University of Art
Member of Iranian Painters Association

2010 Selected Works – Exhibition of Palestine Museum
2006 Diploma in honor of the Paris Train
1999 Selected First International Exhibition of Contemporary Design / Contemporary Art Museum / Tehran

Behnam kamrani, having a B.A. degree from “Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran”, M.A. degree of painting and PhD of Resarch and Art from “Tehran University of Art”, relinqished medical faculty to pursue his love for painting professionally.
He is a permanent member of “Iranian Painters’ Society”, member of scientific board of “Tehran University of Art” and member of authors’ council of “Honar-e Farda” quarterly journal. He currently lives in Tehran and is mostly occupied with painting and creating art works in his atelier.
He has had 13 solo and over 100 group exhibitions in countries of Iran, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan, China, Armenia, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, USA, Switzerland, and Greece.
He also works as the writer and researcher of schoolbooks for the Ministry of Education of Iran. He has too many articles and critics published in magazines and journals such as “Honar”, “Honar-e Farda”, “Herfe Honarmand”, “Bokhara”, “Tandis”, “Tavoos”, and “Mojassame”.
Kamrani has received honorary diploma from Paris Trinal and won the premier prize in the first “Int’l Design Biennale” of Tehran Contemporary Art Museum.
On 1968, he was born in the city of art, Shiraz.

#In different periods of my work, I have made use of both visual elements of Islamic Art and the understanding of a traditional artist, combined with a new visual conception. My reference to past is for opening a horizon in the present. Symmetry and asymmetry, transparency and opacity and symbolism of forms and colours all create a spiritual atmosphere that my works try to capture.

Artist - IRAN

Samira Eskandarfar, born 1980, lives and works in Tehran, Iran. In 2004 she graduated in Film Making and Animation from Young Filmmakers Society and since then she has held twenty one solo exhibitions in Paintings, Photography and video Arts. She has participated in eighty group exhibitions and screenings in Iran and Internationally at various galleries, museums and film festivals. She has done workshops with the legendary Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami and she has made two feature films, eighteen videos and short films which some were acquired by major collections including the London Tate Modern and Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (NBK) in Berlin.

She recently finished making her second feature film “Treadmill”.

anahita bagheri.JPG
Artist - IRAN
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Painting / 2013 – 2018
Exhibition Experiences:

August 2015 – Present (3 years 1 month)

-Postcards group exhibition (19 Juyl – 26 July 2018, Haft Ayneh gallery and Azad art gallery, Sari, Iran)
-Postcards group exhibition (29 June - 10 July 2018, Isoo gallery and Azad art gallery, Sari, Iran)
-No name; on paper (group exhibition by New Media projects) (13-16 Jan 2017, New Media Projects, Tehran, Iran
- The 2nd Iran contemporary art biennale (22-31 July 2016, Niavaran cultural center, Tehran, Iran)
- Group painting exhibition (Auguost 2015, Ivansepid gallery)
- The 2nd The young Iranian designers festival. (16-23 January 2015, Qasr museum, Tehran, Iran)

Sharmin Mojtahedzadeh Photo.jpg
Artist - IRAN

Boat Raising Sails


This is the story of hopeful longings and empty dreams. Of how easy it seems to catch a prize in good times and on favorable winds. And yet, how swiftly the dream turns into a nightmare when it is like a solitary sail flailing alone in a distant landscape which we wishfully raise, not mindful that it was part and parcel of some woefully hapless ship, run aground, far, far away.

Artist - IRAN

- Born in 1983, Sari, Iran
- Pre-University of arts, Sari, Iran 1999-2000

- B.A in Cinema, Art University of Tehran, Iran 2001-2005

- Studied the middle Persian Language (Pahlavi Language), literature department of Tehran University and Neyshabur Persian study foundation 2004-2006

- Research on the Media Art and Persian Theosophy

- Work on relationship between Iranian Gnosis and Cyberspace

- Born in 1983, Sari, Iran
- Pre-University of arts, Sari, Iran 1999-2000

- B.A in Cinema, Art University of Tehran, Iran 2001-2005

- Studied the middle Persian Language (Pahlavi Language), literature department of Tehran University and Neyshabur Persian study foundation 2004-2006

- Research on the Media Art and Persian Theosophy

- Work on relationship between Iranian Gnosis and Cyberspace

magali sizorn 2.jpg
Artist - France

Magali Sizorn is a senior lecturer at the UFR STAPS (Science and Technology for Physical and Sports Activities) in Rouen, where she teaches the sociology of corporal practices, as well as contemporary dance and circus. She is also co-head of the Development of Audiences of Culture at the University of Rouen. His research focuses on the transformations of artistic activities and the so-called popular cultural forms.

jamshid bayrami.jpg
Photographer - IRAN
BAAM Institute
Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017 - Jamshid Bayrami: Be My Mirror ,Shirin Gallery, Tehran ,Tehran, Iran

2010 - Jamshid Bayrami ,Seyhoun Art Gallery ,Tehran, Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions

2011 - Oriental Summer ,Knust Kunz Munich (Ludwigstrasse) ,Munich, Germany

2010 - In & Out ,Project B Contemporary Art ,Milan, Italy


He is an Iranian photographer who was born in 1961. Their work was featured in several exhibitions at key galleries and museums, including the Shirin Gallery, Tehran and the Knust Kunz Munich (Ludwigstrasse). Jamshid Bayrami's work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from $8,750 USD to $36,219 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. Since 2008 the record price for this artist at auction is $36,219 USD for In the Line of Devotion, sold at Phillips London in 2008. Jamshid Bayrami has been featured in articles for the ArtDaily, the Telegraph and The Epoch Times. The most recent article is Tehran Art Auction Lures Spenders Despite Hard Times written for The Epoch Times in July 2013.

morteza ahmadvand.jpg
Artist - IRAN

Born in 1981, Khoram Abad, Iran

2006-2009 MA Degree in Painting, Fine Art Faculty of Tehran University, Iran


Solo Exhibitions:

2014 To Become, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011 Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2009 The University of Tehran Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran


Group Exhibitions:

2013 Persian Looks, Moretza Ahmadevand and Abbas Kiarostami, Musée de la chasse et de la Nature, Paris, France

2012 Rewind, Pause, Fast Forward: Mirrors on Iran, Pi Art Works, Istanbul, Turkey

2011 Iranian Pulse, Contemporary Art from Iran, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2011 Traffic Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2011 Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize, London, UK

2009 Iran Without Border, Gallery Almine Rech, Paris, France

2009 New Art Exhibition, Saba Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2007 New Art Exhibition, Saba Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2006 Picha Pouch, Tehran Gallery, University of Tehran

2006 The Fourth International Painting Biennial of Islamic World, Saba Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2005 First annual drawing exhibition, Karaj, Iran



Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

omid hashemi
Artist - FRANCE