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Cultural institute of SAFPEM - FMICA Organizers (Middle East & Europe Specified Institute of Contemporary Arts) was founded by some artists of different fields in France and Canada in 2013 (Reg*Num: 1074182-5).

Since 2013, this group was also registered in France as FMICA Organizers in form of non-profit associations, which are managed by directors of some countries. SAFPEM – FMICA Organizers has well known artists from different group of ages in these two regions and attempts to improve quality of different-generation works by combining different artistic generations and supporting them professionally and adequately.

Moreover, this group has encouraged cooperation with cultural associations, international festivals, International presses, philharmonic and symphonic orchestras, and Educational departments of different universities in France, Italy, Iran, China, England, Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Morocco, Cameron, Azerbaijan, Turkey, USA, Canada and Aljazeera. And, they attempt to encourage their cooperation with other countries.

Since 2017, Planning & Management Team of SAFPEM – FMICA Organizers in Europe and Middle East has pursued a new purpose. The suggested plans are derived from artistic background, cultural communication, and experiences of Group of Executive Directors in Europe and Middle East creating a multilateral project and subsequently international cooperation of SAFPEM – FMICA Organizers.

According to the gained results and accepted recognition of infrastructure and cultural communication extent, The Group of Directors founded Specified Music and Film Institute of Middle east & Europe in France and Canada. This institute consists of two formal offices in Paris and Toronto for the purpose of management of contracts and international projects. Packages of some related activities –titled as Interact– are released, including Video-Arts, short film and long film of Middle East artists in participation with the related accepted companies in Europe.

Also, original film music shall be prepared by this institute for the selected artists of Interact projects, for which an appropriate archive of different-generation composers is introduced to directors of film and video works.

our team
gwendeline lumaret

Founder & President


Titulaire du diplôme de concertiste de l'Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, lauréate de plusieurs concours internationaux, Gwendeline Lumaret est la violoncelliste de l'Ensemble Appassionata avec lequel elle se produit du duo, à l'octuor.
1995 : Diplôme de Fin d’Etude au CNR de Lyon : certificat avec mention TB à l’unanimité. / 1996 : Médaille d’Or de Musique de Chambre au CNR de Lyon, Certificat de Déchiffrage de Violoncelle et Certificat mention TB en Formation Musicale au CNR de Lyon. / 1997 : Médaille d’Or à l’unanimité en Violoncelle et Certificat mention B en Histoire de la Musique au CNR de Lyon. / 2000 : 2° Prix à l’unanimité de Violoncelle au Conservatoire National de Région de Boulogne-Billancourt. Certificat en Formation Musicale et Diplôme d’Analyse mention TB au CNR de Boulogne. / 2001 : Baccalauréat F11 mention TB à Lyon. / 2002 : Brevet d’Analyse mention TB et diplôme d’Exécution à l’unanimité avec Félicitations du Jury à l’Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris. / 2003 : Obtention du diplôme Supérieur d’Exécution à l’Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris. / 2004 : premier prix d’honneur de violoncelle et premier prix d’honneur de musique de chambre du concours international de l’UFAM et à l’unanimité avec félicitations du jury le diplôme supérieur en musique de chambre. / 2006 diplôme Supérieur de Concertiste en avril 2006. / 2016: Professeur titulaire du CA.

Gwendeline Lumaret participe, depuis 2002, à de nombreux concerts de Musique de Chambre ou en Soliste ; à la Maison de l’Europe au Théâtre de Bourg-en-Bresse, Honfleur, Salle Cortot à Paris, … Elle a participé à de nombreux concerts au sein du quatuor Prima Vista. Elle a obtenu en octobre 2007, à l’unanimité, le premier prix du concours international d’interprétation Gaetano Braga. Depuis 2009 elle est la violoncelliste de l’ensemble Appassionata.


Founder & Vice-President,

Artistic Manager of Institute in Middle East

Composer - Painter

Born in Iran (1983) and now he based in France and Italy. He is known as SD in the industry. He plays Kamancheh (Persian traditional instrument) as soloist and he is also a contemporary music composer. His CD’s are published in which he has composed classical and contemporary poems. Not only that he is a painter; He has various international exhibitions in his name. SD is a Member of Managing board of Square Line CAA (Contemporary Arts Association in France­, Italy, USA and Iran) and also he is founder of FMICA Organizers (Film Music Inter Cultural Association) in France and in Iran.

He is graduated in Graphic Design (in Iran and Italy), single master course of Concept Design (in Italy) and Master of Research, Music composition and Images (at Rouen University in France, he was presented by great French composer Philippe Hersant).

He has studied advance period of composing and orchestration with French composer Jean-Philippe BEC at Rouen music conservatory (France).

His music compositions have been played by different symphonic and chamber orchestras and diverse traditional music ensemble in the shape of international festivals in Europe, Asia and Africa such as OSM (Mulhouse Symphonic Orchestra in France), Mundo Festival (Evry Symphonic Orchestra in France), Festival Percussion de Monde à Sousse (Tunisia), Musiqat Music Festival (Marocco), CDN French Festival (music composition for UTOPIE theater project, directed by Maurice Attias), Tetouan music festival (Marocco), Festival della Creatività in Florence (Italy), Joseph Beuys cultural centre (Croatia), Musaika music festival etc.

Also, he has different live shows on international radios and TV channels such as: France Musique, France Culture, Rai Radio, Singapore Radio, Tehrannational Radio, Jawhara Radio, TV Toscana, and TV Almotavaset.

Also, he has worked with the famous Iranian vocalist Alireza Ghorbani for UNESCO in Iran (Roudaki; the Great Poet’s Commemoration Concert) and he has produced different CD music projects such as To Static Immensity, The Sky Dome (orchestral music), Az Bi Neshâni (Attar Neishabouri, commemoration music project), Tip-Tipa, Khajak etc.

His other activities are participating in several international biennials and winning different competitions presents in field of visual arts, theater music and music composing & orchestration such as: Parallel One Theater competition in Paris and Tokyo, 5th Araguaney International Painting Biennial in Spain, YICCAYoung’s Art biennial in Belgium, 6th Iranian International Painting Biennial, Kapandji visual art project in Paris and First Stand of Iranian Teenagers Art for seven times.

ebrahim mokhtarpour.jpg
ebrahim mokhtarpour

Founder &

Member of managing board

Civil Engineering

Over 21 years extensive experience in multidisciplinary Civil Engineering works and have been served in Hydropower & dams consultancy and construction. I have been involved in different aspects of Hydropower Projects with demonstrated skills in feasibility study, preparing tender documents and technical proposal, reviewing design, detailed design and construction supervision. I have gained considerable experience in project management, construction supervision, team leading and chief resident Engineer positions.
My professional experience applied in Geotechnical Engineering is particularly in Earth-Rockfill dams such as (CFRD, AFRD, CCRD,GCRD) in filling zones and foundation, Tunnel, access roads, metro, railway, Canal, Geosynthetic materials, Pilling, Geo-improvement projects, consolidation, water-proofing systems, jet-grouting, cut-off-wall, grouting curtain and soil-cement.

etienne denys

Founder & Secretary


Etienne est né en 1987, il débute ses études musicales à l’école de musique de Châteaulin en Finistère et également au conservatoire de Brest en 2002, dans les classes de Cécile Ducreux en Percussion et d’Alice Baudriller-David en Piano. A Brest il suivra également l’enseignement de Joël Guéna en Analyse musicale et en Histoire de la musique. En 2005, après avoir brillamment obtenu son Bac TMD, il intègre la classe de Percussion de Michel Gastaud au conservatoire du 12ème arrondissement à Paris. La même année il est récompensé du Prix Gentiane Robin au conservatoire de Brest. Il obtient en 2009 le DEM de Percussion à l’unanimité avec les félicitations du Jury au CRR de Paris.
A Paris, il fréquente les classes de Daniel Ciampolini (soliste à l’Ensemble inter contemporain ), Laurent Fraîche (Timbalier de l’orchestre de Lille), et Michel Gastaud ( premier percussion solo, second timbalier de l’orchestre de l’Opéra de Paris) . Suite à ce parcours il est récompensé en 2011 d’un premier prix de perfectionnement au CRR de Saint Maur des Fossès.
En 2012, après des études au CEFEDEM de Normandie, Etienne obtient brillamment le Diplôme
d’État de professeur de Percussion.

navid salehi.JPG
navid motamen salehi

Economic Programmer & Member of Managing Board in Middle East

Mechanical Engineer

sara khavar nejad

Member of Founder Board of SAFPEM in Toronto - Canada

Computer Engineer

She also has experiences in office managering and communication services, and also she was a communication sales person in College of Dental Surgeons of Iran.

lili anais wang cv photo.jpg

International Art Manager &

Member of Managing Board of SAFPEM in East Asia

MSC Business Management (Paris)

BA English Literature (Shanghai International Studies University)

Lily Wan has devoted years of work and studies overseas in France and the US as an independent agent of artists and also organizer of many Chinese European culture exchange activities in Art and Film  industry, She contributes her work to independent film making in between China and France.

Monika ZILE

International Art Manager &

Member of Organization Board in Croatia and Germany


Monika’s first steps in the art world begun at the Institute of Fine Arts in Split-Croatia where she studied Applied Arts. Soon after her graduation, she started working as the main Artistic Manager Assistant of the founder of the Ghetto Art Gallery in Split-Croatia Sonja Barac Rudynski. Ghetto Art Gallery is a non-profit association whose leading idea is that of reconstruction of the Art scene in post-war Croatia. They collaborated for over 4 years on numerous multi-cultural art exhibitions, performances, talks, workshops, poem reading nights, and cabaret shows.

Monika also helped to organize humanitarian concerts which benefited PTSD sufferers in Croatia. She studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence-Italy where she also acquired a master’s degree in Visual Arts. In 2016 she assisted in the opening of the exhibition “La Fine del Mondo” in the Centro dell’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci in Prato where she worked with some of the biggest names in the contemporary art scene.

After graduation, she starts working in communication services for a Tuscan company but soon leaves her job to dedicate herself to art and eventually moves to Turin where she starts a master’s degree in Painting, with Massimo Barzagli. In Turin, she started a collaboration with Gianni Fornaresio, a gallerist, and an artist.

In her artistic career, Monika participated in different group exhibitions and did various collaborations with artists from different art fields like street art, music events, and fashion.