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BLACK LAND Music Video

Saeed Khavar Nejad Artistic Director of Seven Beauties Project

Black Land Collection is the first work of seven video clips of Seven Beauties. This collection was produced by cultural-artistic companies and groups of France, Canada, Iran, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. Two years after the beginning of composing and recording of this album in 2018, its video clips has produced with cooperation of Titra Music Company (Turkey) and SAFPEM Institute. They shall be offered to world music enthusiasts with separate videos, simultaneously with other stages of Album introduction (including concerts and final music CDs). The created images of Black Land Video Clip imaginatively narrates the mysterious Seven Beauties of Nizami Ganjavi.

With direct referral to characters of Seven Beauties, this work attempts to produce a secondary attractive narration of the present-era humans. This video clip story is adapted from Siah Pooshan City mentioned in Seven Beauties: A city with people concerning with affection and justice. Also, natural and ecological features were utilized for improving imaginative space of the story. Pristine nature, sunlight, and beautiful colors across rocks and extraterrestrial valleys played a significant role in the created space. The impressed imagination and technology created a mysterious space in the final album. The music is a combination of electronic motifs and themes, acoustic instruments, and French and Turkish Azerbaijani poetry. The poetry refers to humanity and romantic perplexity in agreement with the selected story symbols of Seven Beauties. This collection shall be released prior to release of the completed music album for 60th birthday of Alim Qasimov (The Eastern Genious) and simultaneous with the global day of Nizami Ganjavi.

Along with the work DVD, there is a booklet for further details and introduction of the project members. 200 versions of this collection signed by Alim Qasimov shall be granted to international museums and archives. We are grateful for strong supports of Titra Company of Turkey, cultural department of UNESCO in France, Cultural Institute of ECO in Middle East, International Organization of World Museums, Thorez and Storia Companies, FMICA Organizers, Friendship Association Directors Group of Azerbaijan and France in Paris, National Military Museum Chairman in Baku, Azarbaijan Parliament's Cultural Commission Chairman Dr. Rafiel Hoseynov, dear family of Alim Qasimov, and Promix Company Chairman in Azerbaijan.


Producer: Kian Mohammadiha

Director: Amin Hosseinpour

Scenario: Moein Hosseinpour Script Plan:

Amin & Moein Hosseinpour, Saeed Khavar Nejad

Special Effect:

Kamyar Shafeepour Lighting: Ali Nosrati Camera Assistant: Morteza Sadeghi,

Amin Moghaddam

Production Manager:

Hamed Saadati, Mohammad Hashemi Director Assistant: Goksel Tuzan

Script Supervisor:

Mobina Ahmadi

Dress Designer: Haleh Vaziri, Farzaneh Yousefi

Makeup Designer:

Iman Allahgoli

Makeup Artist:

Mohammad Fathi

Aerial Shooting:

Mohammad Ghasemi

Actors: Mohsen Hasani, Marjan Khani, Samand Samarkand


Ali Babaei

Art Photographer:

Shamim Ghanbari

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