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AFA Art Residency Awards is an exceptional opportunity for all New Media artists. The residency is held in the city of Paris and its various zones in France.
* There is
no age limit for artists applying to this competition.
* The minimum stay of the
3 winner artists of the AFA awards is 15 days and the maximum stay is 3 months.
* The
accommodation space and the type of facilities needed by each winner artist will be determined based on his/her submitted project. According to the cultural custom of France, the exact residency period and location for each selected artist will be officially announced by AFA organization after reviewing artist's art work/s and his/her CV.
* All participants will receive an
official certificate from the AFA organization and SAFPEM Institute.
* Two prestigious international societies of 
Cardano and Kreate, also cooperate with AFA Awards in the NFT online exhibition section. All interested in NFT's works can visit the AFA online exhibition for free 24/7 by clicking the red button of AFA online exhibition in the bottom panel of this section.
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* For the three selected artists of the event, an official valid invitation to obtain a French visa will be sent by AFA organization.
All accommodation expenses of the selected artists from the date of arrival at Paris airport are supported by AFA organization.
* The cost of buying a round trip ticket is in charge of the winner artists.
* If the visa is not received for any reason, the amount of
100 Euros will be paid to the artist from the AFA organization as compensation.
All digital works in the 2 categories of New Media and NFT can participate in the AFA competition.
* The artists that participate in the free online exhibition section are not allowed to participate in the residency competition section.
* The
Jury of AFA competition consists of AFA's artistic directors and a number of French professors in the field of contemporary arts.
* There is a special section including the release/publish of
AFA ANNUAL BOOK. All interested new media artists can have their own official panel for internationaly presenting their works and resume in this book by registering in this section. AFA's annual book will be officially published by STORIA French-English publication with a dedicated ISBN on AMAZON's global website.
march 27
april 27


Sponsored by Guila Clara Kessous, UNESCO Artist for Peace , the Asia Association - Women of the Future (AFA) helps young women from Asia and the Middle East  to come and study at the University in France or in Europe so that they can then contribute to developing their country.

​The AFA provides them with financial and operational support to apply for university and a scholarship, obtain their student visa and accommodation. The AFA also provides academic support if necessary.

​The students meet every year within the Asian Women Symphony Choir which brings together 60 singers covering the Western and Eastern classical repertoire and gives concerts in Asia and Europe.


FOUNDER / Member of Jury Board

She is a French human rights artist and academic. She was nominated UNESCO Artist for Peace for her dedication in the arts and human rights and Knight of Arts & Letters by the French Ministry of Culture for her work on the influence of French culture overseas.

Kessous has a PhD in French literature from Boston University and another in Ethics and Aesthetics, an MBA in Cultural Business and a MA in Comparative DramaturgyCinema, and Pedagogy.

She created the "Theatre and Human Rights" curriculum at the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) and taught the program at the Carr Center of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. She has also taught at other institutions including Boston UniversityOxford UniversityUniversity of GenevaEcole Normale Supérieure, Alliances Françaises, Wiesel Institute and St Petersburg Conservatory.

At Harvard University, she was nominated "Fashion Ambassador" and has received two awards for teaching excellence from the Harvard's Derek Bok Center.

She is an associate researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research ARIAS laboratory and has a post-doctorate scholarship from the Foundation for Interreligious and Intercultural Research and Dialogue at the University of Geneva.

She conceives drama as a socially conscious reflection pervading multiple aspects of society and culture. Her approach to theater as a cultural marker is multifaceted. She has benefited from her American and European theatrical approaches as an artist, actress, researcher, and teacher by collaborating with other directors and film makers including John Malkovich, Jim Spruill, Labid Aziz, Michael Marmarinos, Patrick Jérôme, Daniel Mesguich, Laurent Laffargue and Jean Pierre Vincent. She has co-produced and directed over 20 shows, with a specific emphasis on costumes (meeting with Jean Paul Gaultier at the Festival d'Avignon in 2006).

She had the opportunity to work with numerous artists and authors on theatrical works that primarily deal with humanitarian and social issues including Elie WieselMarie NDiayeTheodore BikelMarisa Berenson, James Taylor, Marie-Christine BarraultJean Claude Grumberg, Enzo Cormann and Jean Paul Wenzel.

Transposing analysis techniques to the cinema, she made a series of short movies presented at the Cannes Festival entitled "Private Conversation" and "Glassy Reality".


FOUNDING PRESIDENT / Member of Jury Board

Born in Pondicherry (India) and adopted in Lille by a French family, Selvam Thorez has always been keen to build bridges between cultures and men and women of good will in order to share and allow everyone to access at the highest level in all areas.
Trained at both the Lille and Paris Conservatories (7th arrondissement), the Paris Orchestra Choir, the Sorbonne (Doctorate in Indian Art History) and the Institute of Oriental Languages ​​(Dulco de Persian), he was notably a Consultant for UNESCO, Founder of the Festival Les Heures musicales de l'Abbaye de Bourgueil, Associate Professor at the Sorbonne, Lecturer at Sciences Po Saint Germain en Laye, Administrator and Artistic Delegate of the Mulhouse Symphony Orchestra, Director of the Alliance Française of Chittagong (Bangladesh) and Consultant for Europe/Asia relations at the Asian University for Women. He is currently an associate researcher at the Center for Research on the Far East at Paris-Sorbonne (Creops).
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