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new media platform*
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A Context For Introduction of

The New Media Artists

Founded and Based in France

Founding Board

SAFPEM Institute / TECH FAC Museum /  DAS Art Society / VIDEOFORMES Digital Arts Festival / PIR ART Studio / EXOART LAB / SILENT VOICES ARTS Association / WEBER Gallery

Conceptor & Main Curator

Saeed Khavar Nejad


The specified IROMEDIA platform was provided for the purpose of systematized introduction and interaction of the Iranian new media artists at the high level of the global contemporary arts. This opportunity makes contribution to identification, analysis, collection, and protection of the Iranian artists' productions on the basis of a local discourse with respect to the present new media events/movements in world.

Since 2016, The Executive Group of IROMEDIA has been collecting an archive of the Iranian artists' projects with an INTER-ACT approach in and out of Iran under the supervision of SAFPEM Institute (Middle East and Europe Specified Institute of Contemporary Arts) in France and Canada. These projects could register more than 700 works of the Iranian artists in their group and most of these works are introduced in a national/international process and have notable prizes. During preparation of this archive that has been still continuing, different artistic approaches are freely taken into consideration and are supported for reviewing, studyig and comparing with global cases on a balance of probabilities.

IROMEDIA believes that the main quiddity of the Iranian new media works, like other cases of this trend in world, was and is an intertwined collection of two general dimensions of influenced (or imitated) and local approaches. Indeed, the technologic and inherent dimension of theoretical historical principles relating to this media/trend makes contribution to recognition of two general approaches on the path to the collection of works.

Since 2020, due to more enormous mass of communications and larger pieces of platform works and their recognition by other specified international work groups, the possibility for performance of integrated macro projects was provided for this platform. The purpose for holding these events was providing proper conditions for interaction of Iranian artists community with specified groups as regards modern media and integrated presence of their works in international events. Accordingly, the platform's executive group decided to hold annual events called IROMEDIA.

The annual IROMEDIA event was defined as a shared exhibition between Iran (as the main country) and a guest country and attempted to directly offer at least some parts of crucial productions to the Iranian art audience.

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