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Alim Qasimov Commemoration Book Project

Executive group of FMICA Organizers (SAFPEM) along with Thorez Company in Europe and Middle East intends to publish a unique book in light of sixtieth birthday of Maestro Alim Qasimov; unmatched genius of Eastern song.

As sixtieth birthday of this great master is in 2017, the executive group attempts to end all stages of investment attraction, package graphic design, and the book publication prior to this time.

All executive stages of the book publication shall be reached in France, Azerbaijan, and Iran. It is worth noting that all final decisions on accepting or rejecting of suggestions shall take effect by the formal consent of Alim Qasimov.

This book shall be published in four languages [English, French, Azeri, and Persian] including: a collection of international notes and review as well as crucial facts, pictures, performances, prizes, national-international encouragements, posters, and audiovisual DVDs.

Due to large number of pictures and notes, 500 pages along with a glorious package are predicted. The first circulation is 2000 volumes.
A small number of the produced packages including fingerprint and writing of Maestro Alim Qasimov (1000 packages are predicted up to now) shall be offered to collectors and crucial international music centers.

Award of cultural prizes and sales shall also be done by the above-mentioned companies.

With respect to time limit and for the purpose of fulfilling requirements of the package production, The Executive Group is prepared to hold any consultation with international investment groups.

Alim Qasimov
Born in Shamakhi of Azerbaijan on 1957. He is one of the most well-known singers of Muğam. Alim Qasimov received prize of YUNESCO (Music Nobel / IMC) on 1999. This prize was also received by great musicians such as Dmitri Shostakovich, Leonard Bernstein, Ravi Shankar, and Nusrat-Fateh Ali-Khan.

His other honors are as follows: 
- Music medal in France (1993) and America (1994)
- Bestselling cassette of Muğam in Iran (1999)
- Registration of his voice in Rare Voices Center (2000)
- Performance in opening of East Music Festival in Samarkand & title of East Nightingale
- Introduction of Muğam music of Azerbaijan as one of oral masterpieces and spiritual heritage of humans in United Nations (2003);
- One of five bestselling Album in world (2009);
- In 2010, Alim Qasimov was nominated for the United States National Public Radio's "50 great voices in recorded history" award.

Qasimov recorded and released further works with The Art of Mugham in 1997 and Central Asian Series, Vol. 6: Spiritual Music of Azerbaijan in 2007. He took the opportunity to perform in New York City in 2005 as part of Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project. The concert aimed to promote multi-cultural artistic exchange between eastern and western cultures and The New York Times regarded Qasimov's performance, alongside Malik Mansurov and Rauf Islamov, as the highlight of the event. He held concerts in 180 countries including Netherland, Japan, China, Italy, Canada, Russia, Middle Asia countries, France, Iran, England, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, and United States.

alim qasimov

in 60 years

commemoration book

Alim Qasimov - 60 Years - Book
Alim Qasimov - 60 Years - Book
Alim Qasimov - 60 Years - Book
Alim Qasimov - 60 Years - Book
Alim Qasimov - 60 Years - Book
Alim Qasimov - 60 Years - Book
Alim Qasimov - 60 Years - Book
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