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Project Presentation:

This project is carried out under management of French equipment of SAFPEM-FMICA Organizers and Thorez Company by France, Canada, Azerbaijan, and Iran. This is run as private investment by management of Saeed Khavar Nejad, Composer and Member of France Authors Society (SACEM). Also, all stages of final CD production are monitored by Thorez Company in Europe and Asia (this group delegate in the project is Selvam Thorez the above-mentioned company chairman).

"Seven Beauties" Poem is a combination of epic content, vocal music spirit, and romantic imagination. Its most crucial indications are imagination and romantic mystery, which are formed by arrangement of voices and sounds. This mystery imagination of life-death and love-perplexity conflict is felt strongly and therefore human thought is dominated. Human-based spirit and common human features in this poem make audience of world cultures and languages affected by this poem's music atmosphere.

Romantic concepts are of the most dominant concepts in Seven Beauties same as other Eastern poems. This theme is chosen due to emphasis on cultural interactions along with national and ethnic conflicts. Indeed, various similarities of cultures along with human emotions exert their attractions, such as a traveler taking steps today against the world rife with fights and violence.

In choral part of Seven Beauties, all poems are written in Latin and their contents are good-evil conflicting forces. Moreover, main themes of different musical parts are based on seven main themes of the related climates (India, Byzantine Empire, Iran, China, Russia, Occident, and Khwarezm). These areas are chosen on the basis of Neẓāmi Ganjavi Haf-Paykar.

The last audio equipment and world related software are also prepared for producing ambiance and effective sounds. As regards quality of electroacoustic sounds, NOVAK music studio (by management of Hesam NASERI as director of Novak group) offered proper facilities for the executive group.

It is worth noting that the narrative structure of today's eastern music (especially Iran music) is very slightly used and is generally ignored in some cases. This project attempts to focus on poetic reading in the form of dramatic characters such as European operas and ultimately ends with a narrative manner. These readings centers on Azeri dialect and qualitative atmosphere of Qasimov reading.

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